About Jennifer Wolski

Jennifer is a model and SAG eligible actor

You may read Jennifer’s Bio, view her Photos or Reels or learn more on her IMDB page.

Recent Roles:

Mother and Voiceover for Birdseye Frozen Vegetable commercial

Entourage Girl in the upcoming feature Entourage

Investigative Reporter in The Watchguard (release 2014)
Photo double/Stand-in for Emma Stone & Rachel McAdams in “Untitled Hawaii Project” feature by Cameron Crowe (release 2014)National Kings Hawaiian Bread TV CommercialMain actress/model in Maui Healing Retreat Commercial

The human experience coupled with imagination can inspire the masses through media.   It is my intention to inspire others, whether through teaching, modeling or acting. I have a deep passion in collaborating with photographers to achieve the image they are seeking and to bring to light the director’s intention behind their message on camera.  To be part of the creative process and to inspire people on a global scale is the most meaningful work a person can do.  ~ Jenni